The UNHATE Campaign

The UNHATE Campaign

I’m headed to Washington DC. And while the anticipation of going to a brand new city with unique sites, smells and sounds excites me, I also have to admit that I’ve always been somewhat intimidated by DC.  Perhaps this is why I haven’t been yet.

I see DC as a city for highbrow lawyers and politicians, and less for people like me who were brought up on fresh air, meditation retreats, and wheat grass shots.

Regardless of my preconceived ideas, I spent some time figuring out the best neighborhood for my visit—in close proximity to organic food markets, vegan restaurants, yoga studios and Shitasu massage practitioners. While in the midst of my research I came across this campaign for the UnHate Foundation, and I had to do a double take.  Wow!

This foundation “seeks to contribute to the creation of a new culture of tolerance, and combat hatred”, and I’m sure that such a hip and forward ad campaign masked in philanthropic goodness won’t hurt their apparel sales either.  But, regardless of their true intensions, I have to give credit where credit is due: this campaign brings a light, and perhaps slightly disturbing perspective to those relationships that are publically tense, heavy and potentially dangerous.

Thanks to these images my DC perspective is in transition—you can see why.

I wonder what Barack thinks of this smooch?  And, is it possible that Hu is taller than our lanky president who stands at around 6’1″?  That’s sexy 🙂



Here’s a link to the campaign.  It’s worth a look