Solving The Power Struggle

Solving The Power Struggle

I was inspired to write about power today.  One of the most talked about subjects in sessions is the struggle for power.  Lack of power manifests as lack of joy, lack of enthusiasm…and yes, lack of sensuality.  You can quickly create more energy and power in your day by following the below instructions.  The entire activation should take less than 10 minutes out of your day.

Your little secret to empowering your POWER CENTER for compassion, strength and effectiveness throughout your day.

How powerful are you today?  This is a great question, and one that asks another question:  Where does “power” come from in your body?  Power comes from your naval center, or third Chakra, also known as your “container.”  Keeping your power center in great shape is important.  If you don’t have a solid and resilient container to hold onto (and manifest) power in your body…you’ll lose it!

In addition, having a weak power center means that other’s will have more control over you and your life than you want (or need) them to.  Having a strong core, and power center means that you move through the world fully buffered and contained by your own power, not those around you.

Take your middle finger and place it on your belly button.  Do you feel a pulse or a thumping?  If not, your power center needs to be set, and this is really simple to do. Setting your power center has everything to do with physically activating that area enough that a pulse is created for several minutes; it’s almost like winding yourself up for your day.  It’s very common to have a weak power center in the morning and late afternoon.  But, start your morning by setting your power center (or winding yourself up with power) and see the magic that it creates throughout your day!

To activate your core you need to MOVE YOUR CORE.  A heavy, hot breath followed by a short core-strengthening routine is one of the best ways to quickly activate your core.

1.  Take a moment right now, and breath into your belly.  Inhale through your mouth and expand your belly, exhale though your mouth and relax it.  Do this as quickly and deeply as possible 14 times.

Now, use your middle finger to check the pulse of your belly button.  Is it there?  Is it weak?  If so, continue…

2.  Bhastrika Breath:  Bhastrika breath is one of the best ways to quickly create an active core.  This incredible breath also balances your hormones, relaxes your nervous system, activates blood-flow, and does so much more (in about a minute).  After one minute of this breath, you will feel amazing, but more importantly, POWERFUL!  Go here to this short video learn and practice this breath:  BHASTRIKA BREATH VIDEO  Remember to physically feel your elbows hitting your side when you bring them down during this breath.  That is important.

3.  Sit ups, crunches, or any other core activation for 3 to 7 minutes.  Here’s a really tough yoga routine for 5 minutes with Tara Styles:  TARA CORE VIDEO  But there are a thousand quick videos on core strengthening on Youtube.  Choose one that is a minimum of 5 minutes that you like.

Now, feel the power surging through you from your core, and have a POWERFUL and amazing day ahead!