Sacred Spot Ceremony

Are you curious about your sacred spot?  Have you wondered what pleasure potential is held in this area? I’ve created an entire session worshiping the sensational splendor of this most sacred area in your body!  This is a very involved session that requires you to be fully open to exploration.  Your sacred spot area holds a wealth of sensation, emotion, and release.  In men the sacred spot is the prostate; in women, the G-Spot.  Everyone can learn more about their body by exploring their sacred spot in a safe and comfortable environment.

We’ll begin the session with deep relaxation through Sensual Meditation.  Then, through a series of Tantra techniques, and through sensual exploration play, we’ll find a place that feels great, and keep opening…opening…opening it up.  If you are already passionate about your sacred spot, then this session will offer you even more ways to fall in love with this magical area.  If you haven’t explored much, you’ll discover new heights of pleasure sensation you never knew existed!

This session is great for men and women; and great for people who have had any kind of sexual trauma, or physical trauma in the pelvis area.  This session is also ideal for men who have had prostate surgery, or are experiencing any kind of sexual dysfunction.  Great for women who have had hysterectomy and/or who have pelvic armoring or pain around sex.

45 min: $300

75 min: $400