Sensual Tantra Sessions

Are you ready to feel completely present with pleasure?

What would an immersion of deep relaxation leading to a heightened state of orgasmic sensation feel like?

Tantra sessions are at once relaxing and exciting, inciting orgasmic waves that run through the body and build up to what may feel like unbearable points of pleasure. But, as your body moves through the session in such a relaxed way you’ll find that your capacity for pleasure has increased, along with the variation of sensations that you feel.

The vibration of orgasm is far reaching and supremely penetrating. During our session you may start to feel the sensation of orgasm in your toes, the top of your head, the tip of your nose, or earlobes. As you internally cultivate your sexual life-force during the session, it will move you, uplift you, and revive you in ways you never thought possible—it’s that powerful!

Tantra sessions can be a mix of sensual and therapeutic massage, sacred spot exploration, water ritual relaxation, sensual exploration, Tantra techniques, meditation, and Tantric ceremony.

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