Sensual Massage vs. Sensual Tantra

Sensual Massage vs. Sensual Tantra

Offering sensual massage in Chicago for many years, then slightly tweaking my services to offer Sensual Tantra has been an adventure!  I love sensual massage.  I love receiving it, love giving it, and love the idea how relaxing and infinitely connected I feel when I’m intwined in the sensual massage experience.  A sensual Tantra session offers something slightly different.  This session requires that that both the receiver and the giver are more engaged.  Awareness and breath are the foundations of any sensual Tantra practice, so keeping those two aspects constant is important for creating a sense of expanded sensation.

Often people don’t understand the difference between sensual massage and sensual Tantra, and that’s okay.  But those people who do experience the difference are usually in awe of how much sensation their body is capable of feeling.  That level of elevated sensitivity is something you don’t usually experience with sensual massage, but is amply available in a sensual Tantra session.

Like sensual massage, sensual Tantra session draws on many similar features:  touch, sensuality, connectedness.  But all of these things are then amplified by Tantra techniques.  When done correctly, these techniques boost the abilities of your nervous system to almost super-power proportions, and create a synergy of bliss that your entire body’s systems become involved in.  It’s like creating a cocoon of your own amazing sensual energy to revive your body and your senses within.

Unlike a sensual massage, a sensual Tantra session may not include any actual massage, or therapeutic work.  Relaxation IS a key component of any sensual Tantra session, but you may receive the relaxation through a bliss bath, or breathing, or focused and conscious relaxation.

In addition to all of this, sensual Tantra highlights your body’s physical strengths and weaknesses.  If you have an issue with premature ejaculation, or anorgasmia, we can immediately pinpoint the source of this issue in a sensual Tantra session.  And, the most amazing thing of all:  you can use the practice of sensual Tantra to heal your body (and dysfunction you may be experiencing)…and very quickly.

Sensual Tantra may not be for everyone, but for all of these reasons and more I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with those who desire to learn!