The Sacred Art of Tantric Bathing Ritual

The Sacred Art of Tantric Bathing Ritual

As a Tantric instructor and passionate advocate of its practices, I am inspired by water, and the Bliss Bath.  

There is a long Tantric history that shares where the Bath Ceremony came from (something for me to share in another post). But in its essence, the Bath Ceremony is about moving from one existence to another, a place sandwiched between time and space that helps us drop into being more of who we are, and helps us drop the delusions that can take us away from our true essence.  We can think of this kind of sensual ceremony as a right-of-passage that takes deeper into the well of exploring our erotic nature (or our true nature), helping to free that basic need to feel pleasure and to be swallowed up by excitment.  

In the bath ceremony sensations run as warm and delicious as the water bodies are held in.  If the reciever’s body opens (and usually it does), the provider can weave a divine exploration that is unique to the shared expereince.

I like to think that in my bath, people have the opportunity to explore more of who they are sensually, eventually becoming more comfortable with the process that we are embarking on together for the rest of the session.  Its for this reasons, and more, the Bliss Bath is best done at the beginning of a session where the reciever’s body can truly relax and enjoy the start of the sensations that are getting ready to formulate.  This is truly an internal process of feeling out details of sensual sensations, and paying attention to sensation in a completely blissful new way.

Inquire further with me and enjoy a Chicago Tantra session laced with water, bubbles and bliss!