The Tantric Secret To Manifesting Heartfelt Desire

The Tantric Secret To Manifesting Heartfelt Desire

This is your little Tantric Superpower to manifest your heartfelt desires.

Your Sankalpa is a statement of your “Heartfelt Desire” that connects you more to your authentic self. Your Sankalpa will reinforce the reality that you wish to step into—offering strength, direction and foundation for your life.

This is a key tool used in Tantra to remind us that the fabric of the universe we live in is flexible, and intrinsically a part of us.  And, if you desire something, all you have to do is focus your power, and it will manifest for you!


Your Sankalpa is A POWERHOUSE of an Intention!  And so, it is!


#1—Powerful + Personal Meaning
Your Sankalpa is all about what you want to see manifested in your own life. Authentic and powerful intentions never include manipulating, coercing or controlling others or their behavior.  Accept what exists right now, then step into the reality of what you desire. Your Sankalpa is a Call To Action!   You’re basically inviting the intention to penetrate and integrate with your present reality—like a magnet!  And remember, intentions are most attracted to positivity, sincerity, balance and wellbeing.

#2—Be Present
A Sankalpa doesn’t recognize time. It lives in the space of thought and timelessness where all things are happening at once.  To effectively communicate with your intension you’re going to talk to it like it’s already happening.  Say Hello to the reality that’s happening right now, then simply step into it.

#3—Make It BIG!
Don’t limit yourself!  You don’t know how good the best can get, so leave room for expansive possibilities. Set aside your limiting thoughts or beliefs. For example, my love life is fine (limiting) versus, my love life is constantly expanding into new and fulfilling territory, and I’m passionately experiencing deeper love.

#4—Believe It to Achieve It
In order to manifest your Sankalpa you must believe that it’s doable.  Like everything, there’s a balance to the art of intension setting.   Experiencing a little resistance is only natural because, resistance is futile. But, don’t get stuck in the lie of resistance.  Believe that the truth is out there, and align yourself with it.  Set your intention and move through resistance to the place where your intension already exists.
* For more information on combatting resistance: The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield

#5—Keep It Positive
Your Sankalpa is always stated in the positive.  Say what you want versus what you don’t want.  Remember that intentions are attracted to positive energy.  So, hone in on that positive mental image that you want to create.  For example, I am easily and joyfully maintaining my ideal body weight, versus, I am not overweight.

#6—A Call To Action
Always include an energetic, vibration or frequency along with your Sankalpa, something positive that specifies the way in which you’d like to receive your manifestation.  How will it feel to you to step into your intention?  How would you like to see the process unfold?  How will it benefit you, and those in your environment?  Use words like: excitedly, easily, peacefully, naturally, joyfully, powerfully, effectively, significantly, gracefully, etc.

#7—EmPower Your Words
To make your Sankalpa 100% believable stay away from some words that leach positivity from the potency of your intention.  For instance, leave out words like always or never as they are unrealistic.  Also, avoid the word should because it has an obligatory essence versus an expansive energy.  The process of intention setting and powerfully working toward your intention declares to the universe that you are serious about your dreams, so use empowering language.

#8—Short But Sweet
Precision is important. Ask yourself exactly what you want your experience to look and feel like, and be concise as shorter is better.  And, remember that being brief has a natural way of leaving room for expansion.  Be powerful, potent and precise when crafting your intentions.

1.  State your Sankalpa out loud three times. You can close your eyes and do this, or connect to your reflection in a mirror while saying your Sankalpa. If you don’t really connect to the emotion and feeling of your statement the first three times you say it, then state your Sankalpa out loud another three times. You want to focus on the feeling in your body as you state your Sankalpa—you have to feel it and believe it. The sensation, or feeling, is what drives the reason into being.

2.  This is the IMPORTANT part: Sit for 3 to 5 minutes with your eyes closed, breathing deeply into your belly, feeling your breath, and imagine your Sankalpa manifested in your life right now.  How does it feel to embody your Sankalpa?  How do you feel about your world now that it’s manifested? Imagine, with as much detail, what your life looks like when that intention is manifest.

Do this at the beginning of your day, everyday, until your Sankalpa manifests.  You’ll be amazed at how life moves itself into place to manifest your heartfelt desire!