Ahh… The Infinite Orgasm!

Ahh… The Infinite Orgasm!

Orgasm, as most of us see it, is a key function to a sexually satisfying experience.  The feeling of clenched toes and arched back while a stream of electricity runs through the body is a certain life necessity.  However, it is exactly through this sensation that we can lose ourselves.  To get back on track, simply learn to separate the sensation of orgasm from the physical release you experience.

We are in a constant state of Orgasm

In order to play with the orgasm it’s important that we understand it.  Many believe that orgasm means, to release.  This is incorrect.  Orgasm is the sensation that often is accompanied by a release, but it’s not the release itself.

What is the Orgasm then?

The Orgasm is a sometimes subtle or sometimes intense vibration that is constantly happening along the spinal column nerves.  The subtle side of the vibration you may never notice (it’s actually happening for you RIGHT NOW), but when it ignites it’s certainly hard to ignore, and why would you want to?

Almost everyone over the age of 15 has enjoyed the company of this intense visitor, fleeting as it may seem to be.  And, for those individuals that have not experienced the intense version of Orgasm, please know that you are always in the good company of its more subtle side, whether you know it or not.

As I always tell my students:  The more you get to know the full spectrum of your Orgasm, the more you can have fun with it.  Don’t be fooled like the blind millions that a peak Orgasm is the most satisfaction you will ever get out of sex.  Don’t even be fooled by the blind billions that the peak orgasm is the only kind of orgasm you can have. Please know that there is more!

Once you begin this journey of learning with your orgasm, and experiencing life through it, a whole new world will open up!