How to Make Love Every Single Time!

How to Make Love Every Single Time!

Tantra is an amazing practice for so many reasons.  My Tantra sessions in Chicago, where I can personally offer one-on-one coaching and guidance, share a wealth of information about why Tantra is so awesome and how people can apply Tantra techniques their sensual lives, or in their daily lives for connection, healing, and general happiness.  And, during the coaching I always remind people that this detailed focus on the energy of Orgasm, and drawing sensation more inward and up inside the body means that you have the power to choose exactly how you want to express, connect and act with your Orgasm, every time.

This detailed attention to sensation means that you have the power to do with this amazing energy in your body, whatever you desire.  If you need to heal something happening in your body, focus the energy and sensation of your Orgasm in that place.  If you want to expand your mind and open up to perceiving life in a different way, then pull that energy up to do that.  If you want to make love every single time you are intimate, you can!

The same feeling, energy and connection required for making love is what one taps into during an authentic Tantra session.  I cannot speak for all teachers, I can only share what I have discovered over the years of practicing and sharing the practice with others.  No matter what your spiritual/religious background, no matter what your culture or race, no matter your age or gender, Tantra has something valuable to offer you, and if you are located in Chicago, you have a great opportunity to share time with me and learn how to make love, every time (if you want to!).