My Holiday Toy Wish List…

My Holiday Toy Wish List…

I know… I have everything.  So, what else could I possibly want?  Toys.  I’ve recently discovered how fantastic sex toys can be (which is odd because you’d think I would have made this discovery a long time ago).  I don’t like the the ones that vibrate because I find it takes the fun out of playing with the sensation of orgasm.  For those of you who know me, you know how I love to build and come down, and build back up again, over and over.  I do however, love the toys that don’t vibrate (or subtly vibrate), and I’ve had so much fun learning how to use them on both myself and others.

So, although I would personally love to have any of the toys listed here, I also thought it would be great to share some ideas with you.  If you want something fun to buy for your girlfriend, or boyfriend, these are some fantastic options.

Minna Life’s Ola: A fantastic toy that mimics the pulses you make with your hand.  So, even though this could “vibrate”, you can set it on very low and it will just gently pulsate.  It’s waterproof and very cute.



Luna Beeds Noir by Lelo:  Feel the subtle vibration with these Luna Beeds Noir, just for ladies.  These sit in the vigina and not only stimulate our G-spot, but also work our PC muscle.  The subtle vibration is stimulating, but not overly stimulating getting us heated for our next sexual encounter.  I think these would make an awesome gift from one lover to another.


Fun Wand by NJoy:  So, very pretty, “Fun Wand” really says it all.  NJoy toys in general are all fantastic.  I like this one because it’s so versatile.  Use in the vagina, the anus, heat it, freeze it, for boys or girls.  It’s sleek and sexy functionality and look is fun and exciting–not to mention practicle.




ETNA Anal Stimulator by AHH:  Ahh Fornicuture makes some of the most beautiful toys I’ve ever seen.  They use a managerie of glass, leather, real horse hair, metal and other components to craft their seriously stunning pieces.  I love this little anal plug, yes, mostly because it’s pretty.  But, also looks like it would feel fantastic.


Fuji With Tails by AHH:  An erotically exciting double entendre… Whip your lover into shape with this beautiful dildo with leather tassles by Ahh.




Okay, well these are some of my favorites.  I hope you enjoyed looking, and I hope you buy one of them for your lover to play with.

Please leave a comment and let me know if you have any other ideas for fun toys.