Tantra & Sensual Meditation

Orgasm Therapy

The focus of our sensual time together is always spent building up to the highest point of pleasure, and then backing off.  This process is repeated over and over, creating waves of pleasure that run through your body with a streaming fluidity.  Eventually, the waves increase to an almost unbearable point of blissful intensity…

This alternative approach to orgasm insures that your experience always benefits the vigor of your sensual health.  Never depleting your chi (energy, or life force), but always adding to the quality of your sexual life and abilities.


Tantra & Sensual Meditation

Seeking Tantric guidance for sexual health is a natural solution to many issues that manifest in the body due to lack of sensual attention and sexual exercise. Tantra can help increase erotic response and control by intensifying body sensation—healing common sexual issues.

Furthermore, this modality opens lines and points of energy, revealing hidden pleasure centers in the body.  It’s because of this opening up of subtle energies that sensual sensations increase many fold, and we experience new ways of feeling and being via our sexuality.

This Tantra experience can be tailored for the novice or the more experienced neophyte.