Bliss Bath

The Bliss Bath

Bathing induces relaxation, and for this reason makes it the perfect component to include in your exploration into heightened sensual pleasure and awareness.



Immersed in a bath of warm water with essential oils, sea-salts and soft bubbles, you’re gently bathed in this Asian form of water ritual.  I lovingly pour water over your entire body, massage your neck and shoulders, and apply acupressure to relieve aching muscles and stress.

We take deep, relaxing breaths to assist your body in complete surrender and direct your focus inward, so your mind and body relax completely—as in a deep meditative state.

Eventually you become aware of your entire body as affection is paid to each and every part.  Sensation increases as your energy flow is stimulated and senses re-awaken while being worshipped with warm water, soft music, candlelight… and the loving hands and sensual body of the Goddess.



Bliss Bath option for Intensely Sensual Session, 1.5 hr +; or Purely Sensual Session