Dare to Dream! Erotic Lucid Dreaming for Sexual Pleasure

Dare to Dream! Erotic Lucid Dreaming for Sexual Pleasure

Once, my lover and I were napping quietly side by side. Suddenly… we both woke up and looked at each other with devious grins.  Why?  Because we had both just shared a sex dream.

The backdrops were different:  mine was during the day—poolside; his was at night, in a private club we frequented at the time.  Nevertheless, we shared the same style of sofa we were having dream sex on; we also shared other details, like the positions we were in and sensations that we both felt.

This shared experience was one of the most erotic of my life!  It was the idea that being completely separate beings that share a similar affinity to one another, can also share a subconscious but lucid dream state.

Even on our own, sex dreams can carry with them poweful energy and hidden messages.  Who in the world would you share your sex dream with?


Happy Daydreams!




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