About B


It’s my philosophy that much like the earth, our sexuality requires sustainable sources of energy to draw from to stay in balance, be empowered and enjoyed. And it’s been my life’s passion to help others connect with these sources to increase their quality of life and pleasure potential.

I take special care that your experience with me feels authentic, free and satisfying. To ensure this, I take excellent care of my body and mind, living mostly on raw, vegan and organic food, clean water, and ample yoga. I meditate several times a week and value those precious moments that I have alone with only the wind, open sky, grasses and trees to keep me company.


I was born into a San Francisco ashram, there I grew up with a primal understanding of Yoga, Tantra and meditation as the essence of those teachings was interwoven through every part of my daily life. At around 20, I started to incorporate sacred sex and Tantra techniques into sensual play, and a whole new world of sensation opened up to inspire my life’s journey.

Whether it’s helping men solve premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction issues, helping women discover and access orgasm more easily, or helping couples reconnect in the bedroom, the techniques and methods that I teach are tried-and-true and developed out of years of research, study and practice. Sensuality offers the perfect gateway for the ancient techniques of Tantra to enter and expand the process of healing in the body and relationship with pragmatic ease. My style of teaching integrates ancient sacred sex techniques with more modern modalities to fit today’s lifestyle.

Recently, I started writing down my methods and experiences to help sensually inspire the masses. Whether you’re tackling more serious issues of sexual dysfunction, or just looking to spice things up in the bedroom, my hands-on experience makes me a trustworthy advisor, and true “Sexpert” to help you increase pleasure in your love and sex life.