Your life is about to take on a radically new flavor and scent.  You are about to ignite with the presence of the divine, and it is about to send electric shockwaves of sensation throughout your body.  As you embark on this journey to RE-sensitize your body, relationship, and your life…you realize that being fully alive with sensation is not only a possibility, but your reality.  Now you fearlessly choose sexuality that is unburdened by shame, guilt and stagnation.  Sexuality that is intimately charged, sensually thrilling and vibrant.  You are awake.  You are alive!

I have seen her [Bella-Joy] 3 times in the past year. She is gorgeous and exotic in the face and her body is so perfect but her best attribute is that she is a SWEETIE. Great relaxing massage, easy to connect with and very intune with her own sensual being and yours. I will continue to repeat. She is incredible. Worth every penny!!!!"



Is Tantra?

This is by far the most popular question I receive:  What Is Tantra?  To use words to describe what Tantra feels like when you actually begin to practice is extremely limiting.  As your body relaxes through the practice, and your nervous center opens up, sensation begins to expand to corners and crevices of your body you never knew were supposed to feel.  Previously blank, or numb spaces are super-charged and refreshed with the electric current of your Orgasm.  Tantra is an intrinsic part of you, me, and everyone around you (whether they know it or not).  Tantra is not only sexually freeing, but it’s pragmatic and sensible too.  While a technique can help increase the magnitude of sensual sensation, it can also help relieve everyday stress and anxiety.



Sessions & Socials

  • Individual Tantra Sessions

    Are you ready to feel completely present in your pleasure? What would an immersion of deep relaxation leading to a heightened state of orgasmic sensation feel like? Tantra sessions are at once relaxing and exciting, inciting orgasmic waves that run through the body and build up to what may feel like unbearable points of pleasure.

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  • Couple's Tantra

    Bring back the ‘Honeymoon phase’ in your relationship with a couple’s Tantra session! Couple’s sessions focus on creating a strong foundation by integrating Tantric practices and a holistic approach to your shared sexuality and relationship.

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  • Sensual Tantra Teacher Training

    Are you interested in offering Sensual Tantra sessions, or adding Tantra to your already sensual sessions? The Sensual Tantra Teacher Training is for women and men who are passionate about the sensual arts. You’ll not only get all the tools you need to offer authentic Sensual Tantra sessions to your clients, you’ll also get information on how to create and run a successful business.

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Your desire for an authentically relaxing and connected experience is my highest regard.  Every meeting I have is as distinctive an adventure as the person with whom I share it.  I cherish each and every experience as unique and individual–crafting a session that satisfies your personal desires and satiates your sensual cravings.

Sessions may include any of the following…