Therapeutic & Sensual Massage


I’m a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) with over 3000 hours of training in both Swedish and Deep Tissue therapies.  I continually focus on expanding my therapeutic body of knowledge to bring you the highest quality of care possible.



The lines between therapeutic and sensual applications of massage are thin.  It’s my philosophy that these two styles work symbiotically to enhance relaxation and free the energies of the body and mind, generating a nurturing flow of creative pleasure.


Sacred Spot

Many emotional and psychological issues may be stored in this part of the body dealing with abuse, abandonment, and rejection.  When this area is stimulated and released it can greatly increase your capacity to feel pleasure and sensation.  As cell regeneration takes place, nerves begin to heal and blood flows more freely.

Accessing this point in the body usually results in a full-body orgasm.  And other times, an emotional release followed by immense pleasure will overwhelmingly fill the body and senses. 


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