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I’m a passionate, intelligent, and intuitive sensualist…  


It's my philosophy that much like the earth, our sexuality requires sustainable sources of energy to draw from to stay in balance, be empowered and enjoyed. And it's been my life's passion to help others identify these sources to increase their quality of life and pleasure potential.

I take special care that your experience with me feels wholesome, free and satisfying. To ensure this, I take excellent care of my body and mind, living mostly on raw, vegan and organic food, clean water, and ample yoga. I meditate several times a week and value those precious moments that I have alone with only the wind, open sky, grasses and trees to keep me company.


"Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!"


-Mae West




I love receiving glowing reviews.  Here are a few of my favorites…


"I have seen her [Bella-Joy] 3 times in the past year.  She is gorgeous and exotic in the face and her body is so perfect but her best attribute is that she is a SWEETIE.  Great relaxing massage, easy to connect with and very intune with her own sensual being and yours.  I will continue to repeat.  She is incredible.  Worth every penny!!!!"
 –Digdeep111 (via TheEroticReview.com)



"That was the most heavenly hour of sinful bliss I've ever experienced."




"Bella is ineffable.  She is so beautiful and charming!  My body wasn't doing exactly what I wanted, but I never felt uneasy.  It was magic!"




"Every guy over the age of 18 needs to learn this!"




Sensual Tantra Sessions

Sensual-Tantra sessions are at once exciting, relaxing and beneficial for your body. During our session we'll open lines and points of energy, revealing hidden pleasure centers in your body.  Sensual sensations increase many fold, and you will experience new ways of feeling and being via your orgasm.

Tantra techniques reveal your sensual strengths and weaknesses, and help to create a sure path to health, vitality and strength.

Sensual Lifestyle Coaching

These immersive coaching sessions provide an easily accessible resource for anyone looking to expand their sensual-lifestyle knowledge.  Private coaching is ideal for individuals and couples working on compatability, health and/or spiritual issues, or simply working their way toward a more sensually inspired life!  You can think of me as a friend; someone you can talk to about anything, who doesn't judge you, doesn't direct you, and can gently help guide you on your path toward embodied and empowered pleasure!


It's my solid intention and highest regard to offer you an authentically relaxing and connected experience. Every meeting I have is as distinctive an adventure as the person with whom I share it.  I cherish each and every experience as unique and individual—crafting a session that satisfies your personal desires and satiates your sensual cravings.


Sessions may include any of the following components…

Bliss Bath
Session Elements
Sensual Exploration
Session Elements
Sacred Spot Therapy
Session Elements
Therapeutic Massage
Session Elements
Orgasm Therapy
Session Elements
Tantra + Sensual Meditation
Session Elements

"…But there was an immediately perceptible vitality about her as if the nerves of her body were continually smouldering."


-F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby



$2601 Hour
  • 1.5 Hour Option
$3001 hour
  • 1.5 Hour Option
  • 2 Hour Option
  • 2.5 Hour Option
$3401 Hour
  • 1.5 Hour Option


PAZ:  Paz is a natural and beautiful Tantric healer passionate about sacred bodywork.  Her graceful beauty and elegant presence create a unique quality combination that is at once sexy and holistic. Please contact her, but first check out her website and be prepared to offer a reference.

LEELA:  Leela is a very good friend with whom I share my Chicago space.  She's an adept teacher of the Tantric arts, and you can expect from her offerings the highest quality sensual experience and the most finely tuned information about health, vitality, sensuality and Tantra. To top it all off, her stunning natural beauty is only trumped by her grace of presence. Be prepared to offer a reference.

SOFIA:  Sofia is a very close friend of mine from NYC.  She visits Chicago on occassion, but most of the time you'll find her in the Gramarcy Park area in NYC.  She's a talented, beautiful and bright spirit–one of the most alluring and intelligent people I know.


*** If we are friends and you would like to use me as a reference, for any provider, I am very happy to be of service.  Please contact me first by email and remind me of who you are and how we met.  Also include the new provider's contact information, email and phone, and I'll reach out to them promptly on your behalf.

Let's Connect!

Please keep in mind that I don't always receive emails right away so calling is best for same day appointment requests. Phone: (415) 952-0569
And if you'd rather email me directly: b@bella-joy.com


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